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PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) is committed to the democratization of financial services and the realization of talent Join the company and thrive in the global economy. Our open digital payment platform Confidence in connection and trading for PayPal's 244 million active account holders new and powerful ways, whether online, mobile, application or face to face. Through one Combining technological innovation and strategic partnerships, PayPal has created better products.Manage and transfer funds and provide choice and flexibility when sending payments,
The PayPal platform spans more than 200 markets worldwide, including Braintree, Venmo and Xoom enable consumers and businesses to get more money.With more than 100 currencies, withdraw funds in 56 currencies and hold their balance.PayPal accounts have 25 currencies.

·Prioritize buyer trust

Paypal is popular with buyers around the world for its convenience and improved buyer protection.
Paypal payments can help you get the most out of your buyers.

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