Consolidation Services
TNT 5 steps to start international freight:

·Inspection of customs regulations

The lack of knowledge about customs procedures may lead to delays and increases in costs. Be sure to know what taxes and fees must be paid, and issue a complete and comprehensive commercial invoice.

·Costs and tariffs

International goods usually need to pay customs clearance. The rates vary according to the destination and the value of the goods. Please ensure that you are fully aware of the items you and the consignee will bear.

·Know what goods can't be transported

In many countries, the control of entry and exit goods is strictly controlled, and the goods are at risk of being detained or destroyed because they do not meet the requirements. Remember to verify prohibited and restricted goods at your destination.

·Proper packing

To ensure that the goods are properly packed can reduce the risk of delay and damage in transit. It is worth spending extra time packing and marking goods and ensuring that they meet the requirements of specific countries.


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Choose the TNT service that is suitable for you, then arrange the delivery time.
You can track your goods through the "cargo tracking" function.

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