Customs Clearance & Duties
Customs Clearance

·Yrbuy and freight logistics partners will carry out the necessa Including shipping, providing tracking number, assisting customs clearance and other services.

·The buyer is responsible for customs clearance procedures in the country. The buyer shall ensure that the products it purchases comply with the country's customs import rules and regulations.

·When the buyer purchases branded goods, the buyer is responsible for obtaining the license of the brand owner.

·When the goods arrive in the country where the buyer is located or the country indicated by the buyer, the buyer is responsible for completing the customs clearance process locally. Yrbuy is not responsible for ensuring that products are cleared in their country.

·Buyers are responsible for paying any form of tariff or tax in their country or destination country. If the buyer refuses to pay the customs duty, the customs will return the goods to the country of origin. The buyer will be responsible for paying the return shipping and storage costs.

·If the buyer does not file a claim or settlement fee three months after returning to the country of origin, the carrier, logistics company or New Bekaa has the right to sell the product to the public to recover the cost. Any balance will be refunded to the buyer and any difference must be borne by the buyer.

Customs clearance instructions

·In general, the declared value of the parcel is lower than the tariff threshold, and the package plan usually does not tax (but fraud reporting is another matter). If your parcel is taxed, you need to pay taxes and help with customs clearance, but the likelihood of this is very small, so only 0.3% of the parcels have been taxed so far.

National Tariff Threshold Reference Table:

National Tariff Threshold Reference Table

National Tariff Threshold Reference Table:

·Canada, European Customs has strict inspection of packaging. DHL, UPS and other business express delivery have great taxation opportunities.

·CThe Canadian concession line transports more than 5 kg of parcels or the declared price is higher than the tax exemption and collects customs clearance fees (about 10 US dollars). The cost is reflected in the COD cost of the post office. Parcels submitted after 2015.11.20 (including the day that Yrbuy Customer Service can be requested to reduce COD fees based on receipts and images.

How to avoid taxation?You can refer to the following suggestion

·1. The weight of the parcel is an important basis for the customs to judge the parcel as a civilian parcel or commercial parcel. Packages weighing more than 10 kg will be considered commercial packaging, so be sure to confirm the weight of the package when you submit your order. If you choose DHL, you also need to consider the number of items (DHL's fees are confirmed by the quantity and weight of the items).

·The upper limit of the package weight is 30 kg. If your package exceeds 30 kg, you can submit the delivery note separately, but it is recommended that each order cannot exceed 10 kg.

·A large number of identical items can also be considered as product packaging. Therefore, please avoid using the same package to send a large number of single and impressive products.

·As you know, we regret to inform you that we are not 100% guaranteed that your package will be taxed.

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